Friday, 6 June 2014

Fitness Friday


Its Friday and I’m feeling inspired today, so in light of my previous series of ‘Feel Good Friday’ posts, I thought I would share with you what has led to my spark of inspiration. This week I’ve been on a total health buzz, I’ve joined a gym (for the first time without stopping by a Chinese takeaway, KFC or some other fat laden food joint on the way home and then being filled with food guilt as well as fried loveliness – oh dear). I’ve also started eating healthily, I’m not on a weight loss diet, I just want to fill my body with actual fuel rather than empty calories, which means a lot of fruit, veg, fish and basically any food that comes without a label – my logic is that if it has an ingredients list, it most likely isn’t natural and therefore my body has no need for it. Whole foods are the way forward for me now.

My main motivation for starting the gym is to get fit, at the tender age of twenty five I find that years of not being into my fitness are starting to take their toll, I get breathless easily and find that my body just isn’t responding quite as quickly as it used to when put under pressure (eg. running to catch a cab or hurrying up a flight of stairs, that’s right – pressure! Haha). My thoughts are, if I feel like this at twenty five, what on earth will I feel like at fifty five?! That was motivation enough to get my act together and to get my heart healthy.
So far this week I’ve been to the gym three times, I’ve run and done a few weights etc, of course with a proper warm up and cool down. My boyfriend is a qualified sports scientist with lots of experience under his belt so he fills me in on what I need to be doing and helps to motivate me. My other source of motivation has been my best friend Kate who is also on a fitness kick at the moment, so we’ve been going to the gym together and helping each other along too. My main aim is to be able to run for longer than 5 minutes without feeling like I’m going to pass out or have a heart attack, of course it will be nice if I see myself toning up along the way (which I better, the amount of pain I’m currently in! Haha). But in all seriousness, my heart health is what matters most to me and to raise my level of overall fitness is what I’m aiming for, a lifestyle change if you will, as opposed to a phase that will pass after the Summer when I no longer have any need to get my pins out, as has been my experience in previous years.
Wow, that was more than I ever thought I would have to say on the topic of exercise! Are any of you watching your health and fitness at the moment too? Any tips would be appreciated, as you’ve most likely gathered I’m a total fitness newby! Do let me know if you’d like me to make this into a weekly feature, I’d be more than happy to share my progress with you, as long as you want to hear it!
Hope you’re enjoying your week and have a lovely weekend!