Sunday, 15 June 2014

My Week In Pictures #9

This week, although I’ve been on a healthy eating buzz I must admit that I may have had a few too many treats over the weekend (a ‘few too many’ did include half a birthday cake even though it was nobody’s birthday), but hey – what’s the fun in being an adult if you can’t eat birthday cake at any time of year, right?! Everyone has their own vice, cake is mine unfortunately. Just for the record, I do feel the need to add that eating nearly an entire cake by myself is not something I do regularly...and it’s just as well, haha! Other than my little binge, I’ve been enjoying other things such as a spot of shopping with my mum and chilling out. I’ve had quite a bit of work to do this week...yawn, but I’ve been enjoying reading Binky Felstead’s ‘Being Binky, My Life in Chelsea’ to wind down on an evening.
Well, this little lady looks a bit relaxed!  //  Came across this little beaut whilst shopping with my mum  //  Oh god yes!
Percy pigs, mmm  //  Reading Binky Felstead’s ‘Being Binky’ before bed  //  True dat