Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Highlighter Heaven

Ah, that ever sought after ‘healthy glow’. You know the one that makes you look all luminescent and naturally angelic, well if you’re on the hunt for products to give you that look, you’ve come to the right place!
Highlighters are one of my favourite parts of my makeup collection, whether I’m wearing a full face or playing it down, highlighting is a step I never miss out. It just adds such a lovely radiance to your face and can also be used to provide structure if used in conjunction with a contour to the hollows of the cheeks as well as the temples. A simple way of getting it right when using a highlight to provide dimension to the face is to remember that wherever you apply it to, will be made to stand out. Much in the same way that a matte bronzer used to contour will draw in areas of the face to create shadows. Using these products together can provide a lovely rounded and high appearance to your cheeks, giving the illusion that you have amazing cheekbones. Just make sure you have a gentle hand when doing this – otherwise it can have a tendency to look like you’ve been rolling around in mud and shimmer, never a good look! For those of you who aren’t bothered about emphasising structure, highlighters are a fabulous way of making you look like you’ve been drinking your eight glasses of water a day and had your precious beauty sleep, what more could you want from your makeup, eh?!
So on to my favourite products that I use every day to create that gorgeous glow.  I have included two eye shadows as well as two products aimed for anywhere on the face, although all of these can be used as multifunctional products. While some people do prefer to have separate brow and cheek highlighters, it isn’t a necessity. My favourite product for day or night time use is my Mineralize Skinfinish by MAC in the shade Soft and Gentle. It's a gorgeous peachy colour with a slight gold shimmer, it's extremely natural looking yet very easily buildable, a little goes a long way with this one. On an every day basis I use this both on my cheeks and on my brow bone, when going for a full face I will use this on my cheeks with a little dust onto my forehead and down my nose and chin, with Urban Decay's Sin eyeshadow as my brow highlight. Sin is another beautiful colour, it has a slightly pinky hue and is great for brightening up a yellow skin tone. Benefit's Girl Meets Pearl is another awesome product that is aimed for use anywhere you like, it has a luxurious creamy liquid pearl formula with a pinky gold hue that provides a natural dewy glow and is perfect for any occasion. Finally we have MAC's Phloof! eyeshadow, this has more of a white base but still has a pink tinge, it's perfect for more of a natural look. I also like to use this as a brow highlight when I'm opting for a more intense smoky eye, as when I'm going for this look I like to keep the rest of the eye simple. This is a great one for lighter skin tones, although in my opinion, all of these products would be great for any skin tone.
Well that was a long one! Are highlighters one of your beauty must haves too? Which ones are your fave's? I love discovering new ones to add to my ever growing collection.