Sunday, 20 July 2014

My Week In Pictures #14

This week I appear to have spent a considerable amount of time snapping away at pretty pink flowers. My mum always has such lovely ones dotted around the house that I couldn’t not share these, I think they really brighten up a room. Aside from being a happy flower snapper, my week has consisted of work, work and more work. Gavin arrives home from Dubai in a few days so I’ve been trying to get lots done before he arrives so that I have plenty of free time to spend with him. This also means that my next few ‘week in pictures’ posts will be a lot more interesting as we will be doing a lot of fun things!
So until then, here are a couple of my pretty flower pictures!
I love my bed way too much  //  Pretty roses  //  If I fits, I sits. Cosy cat. 
Sunday’s face  //  Baby unicorn  //  I feel as if I may as well dedicate my instagram page to flowers at this point