Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Five Product Face

On lazy days and on days when I’m in a rush, I like to keep my makeup to a bare minimum, but lazy days don’t have to call for lazy makeup. I filmed this video as I like the idea of being able to do your whole face without the multitude of products that we as girls think we absolutely need in our lives. The fact is, we don’t need half of it, we just buy it because it’s pretty and makes us feel that bit more glam. By choosing only five products to use on my face I discovered two things, a) that it is perfectly possible to look just as nice using the bare essentials as it is when you’ve spent an age carefully partaking in your intricate makeup routine, and b) that I am able to do a whole face of makeup in only five minutes, result!

Now on to the products I used. For my base I used L’Oreal True Match Foundation, you can read my full review here. Instead of using a concealer, I simply dabbed on a little extra foundation in areas where I needed it, which worked really well as it provides excellent coverage while being light in consistency. For my eyebrows and to lightly line my upper lid I used MAC’s handwritten eyeshadow, this is my holy grail eyebrow product. Since using this I don’t even bother giving anything else a try. For my mascara I used L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes Noir Excess, my favourite; I have repurchased this many times over. To add a flush of colour to my cheeks I used my trusty Fleur Power Blush by MAC and finally lipstick, when I’m in a rush with my makeup I always use a bright lipstick. At times when I’ve kept the rest of my face looking natural, I find this step really adds a lift to my complexion. The one I reach for in this video is Pink Nouveau by MAC, it’s one of my all time faves!
If you’d like to see how I applied the products, you can view the video below. I can assure you that the quality is in fact a lot clearer than the thumnail below shows.