Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Filming On My 'Big Girl Camera'

Today on my Youtube Channel I uploaded my first video in four months. As I’ve mentioned before, the reason for my lack of content lately has been due to the fact that I’m not overly keen on the quality of my previous videos. However I now have my ‘big girl camera’, the Canon 600D to be exact and I put it to good use to record a Primark haul for you! I’ve fallen in love with my camera since getting it, I’ve wanted a DSLR for so long and I’m planning to upload regularly from now on (at least once a week) so be sure to look out for a lot more new content coming up on my channel, but for now I hope you enjoy this (long overdue) video.

My channel is only a baby in Youtube years so if you feel like being extra lovely, you can help it to grow by liking and sharing this video. If you’d like to be informed of when I post new videos be sure to subscribe! Cheeky little plug there, but I’ll love you forever *hugs*.