Friday, 10 January 2014

Feel Good Friday #11

(I reblogged this lovely quote on tumblr recently)
Well hi there and welcome to our first ‘Feel Good Friday’ and indeed our first blog post of the year!
I really wanted my first post of 2014 to be all about my Christmas holiday to Sri Lanka which was without doubt one of the best and most insightful trips I have ever been on.  However as it turns out, whittling through the sheer amount of photo’s that we snapped is taking quite a while and as I couldn’t possibly share them all with you (we’d be here an age) I want to pick out my favourite ones to share in an up coming post.
‘What’s this got to do with inspirational quotes?!’ you may be wondering. Well while I was away I really enjoyed visiting some of the beautiful Buddhist temples. Just to point out, I’m not a Buddhist and I’m not religious, however I found the experience extremely calming and I love the philosophy that Buddhism promotes.
I chose this quote as it is one that I truly try to live my life by. If you are thinking a thought that is happy and positive and you dwell on it, it is near enough impossible to feel down in the dumps. Likewise if you are thinking negative thoughts about people and situations, it is impossible to feel happiness in that moment, you will just feel grumpy. It’s so easy to judge and criticize others as well as ourselves and all of us, myself included, are guilty of doing so. However it’s a well known fact that if your predominant thoughts are those of positivity, it will reflect in your general level of happiness. So although I would consider myself to be a fairly positive person anyway, this year I’m making an extra special effort to choose only happy thoughts. If a negative thought pops into my head, I’m going to push it right back out again and replace it with a positive one.
I wonder who will be joining me on this one?!