Thursday, 1 May 2014

Review: MAC All Fired Up Lipstick

This blue pink under toned matte red lipstick is my idea of the perfect fashionable take on a classic colour. I love that it has a beautiful raspberry hue which makes it wearable for day time as well as night and I also love that it has a clay base which makes it extremely long wearing. I can literally wear this all day and only need to top up once, result. I don’t find that a lip liner is needed with this colour, although exfoliated lips and careful application are a must in order to avoid that crazy clown look.
Finding a red lipstick to suit you can be an arduous task, too brown or orange and you can look like you’ve come straight from the nineties, too shiny and you’re in danger of looking like a street walker (if that’s the look you’re going for, by all means rock it). But in all seriousness, this red in my opinion has the perfect amount of blue pink in it to suit all skin tones. The blue under tone makes your teeth appear whiter, while the raspberry tone takes the classic red lip to an updated, slightly edgy, but very pretty level. MAC, I’m impressed.