Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Review: Inglot Nail Enamel 233

So, last night when having an obligatory browse in some makeup stores whilst on the way to dinner with my boy, I spotted this little beaut in Inglot. I’m like a magpie for anything glittery and nail polishes are just my thing, I own far too many. But despite my oversized nail polish collection (which lives in the fridge along with my collection of lipsticks – there are more cosmetics in there than food at times) I just had to have this in my life. The above picture shows two coats which go on smoothly and dry fairly quickly, I also put this on my toes and well, its love! The colour has a pale pink base with pink, mauve, green and orange flecks of glitter in it, making it look different in different lighting, oh so pretty. Pink glitter – let’s be honest, it’s a girly girl’s best friend and in my opinion, a perfect option for a feminine spring time look, or indeed a go to party colour all year round.