Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Organic Beauty Buy - Pure Coconut Oil

I’m not sure where to even begin with this product, I mentioned it in my Current Beauty Fave’s Video a few weeks ago and since then I’ve found even more fabulous uses for it. But first things first, SO many hair and skin care products advertise the fact that they contain pure coconut oil and rave about the benefits it provides to your beauty regime, so my thoughts are - why not cut out all the other ingredients that are added to make it look luxurious, as well as the pretty packaging (and the price tag) and go straight to the source for the real deal at a fraction of the cost?! I’m not going to lie – this doesn’t have the typical scent of coconutty loveliness (more like a load of random chemicals) that most products containing coconut oil have, in fact it has no scent whatsoever, but as much as I love that fake coconut smell (think Hawaiian Tropic – oh my god!), it really doesn’t bother me at all, as this has literally become my multifunctional wonder product.
I bought this primarily because I knew it was beneficial to use on hair as a deep conditioning mask before washing as well as on the ends when they feel a bit dry, and also to try out as a body moisturiser as an alternative to my other chemical laden products. For all of these purposes I absolutely adore this stuff, it’s so moisturising and absorbs into the skin a lot quicker than other branded body oils I have previously used. Having said that, it doesn’t absorb into the hair easily and so needs to be used extremely sparingly – full details of a work related greasy hair incident can be found in the video that I linked above – not a good look! However, when used in moderation I find that I value it higher than any hair conditioner, serum or mask that I’ve ever used, and that’s saying something as I’m a total fiend for trying out new hair products.
Obvious uses aside, other ways I have tried and loved this oil are as a face moisturiser - if I’m having a makeup free day I will pat this onto my skin after cleansing for a soothing and replenishing effect. Yeah, I’ll admit it feels a bit odd patting oil onto my face but contrary to what I you'd expect – it actually rebalances my oily patches. I’ve also used this as a lip balm and a gentle makeup remover for days when I’m wearing light makeup. Oh, and you can use this for cooking too! All for just £2.50, can you tell why I’m raving now? You can find this in health stores, however I’ve found it to be a hell of a lot cheaper in my good old local supermarket.
Now for a relaxing pamper sesh courtesy of this tub of goodness...ahh bliss!