Wednesday, 7 August 2013

My Summer Beauty Essentials!

Summer has to be my favourite time of year! I just love being out in the sunshine wearing pretty summer clothes and enjoying life. However when it comes to wearing your summer wardrobe and getting out having fun in the sun, us girls know that whether it be beautifying ourselves or damage control, a few preps need to be undertaken first. So without further ado – here are my beauty essentials that prepare me for the warmer weather!
A high SPF for the face – because nobody wants to have a face full of wrinkles when they’re older do they?! I like to wear SPF 50 when it’s sunny outside even if I’m just in the UK, not because I burn easily, which I don’t as I have an olive skin tone, but just because I want to prevent the sun’s harmful rays from making me look like a prune in years to come and more importantly to help prevent more serious effects such as skin cancer. I like to use an SPF specifically formulated for use on the face as I am prone to spots and I find that normal sun cream clogs my pores.
A gradual tan body moisturiser – I love Garnier Summer Body as it has a lovely fruity scent and not the stale biscuit smell that fake tan usually has. Now don’t get me wrong – I love my fake tan for nights out, however this product gives me a lovely sun kissed glow and it’s really moisturising too, perfect for everyday use and in case the pins make an appearance!
Frizz control – Being out in the sun, swimming in the sea, humidity – they all take their toll on our locks. I love Aussie’s three minute miracle frizz remedy to deeply condition my hair, followed by their miracle hair insurance leave in conditioner to keep my barnet silky smooth and ready to fight the elements.
Bright or pastel nail colours – Pretty nails are a must in summer, time invested in doing a mani pedi is well spent in my opinion! Two nail polishes that I have been loving this season are China Glaze’s Orange Knockout and Essie’s Lilacism. I think Summer is the perfect time to experiment with nail art and different colour polishes. I’ve also been enjoying painting my nails in multicoloured pastels recently.
Lip Products – When the weather is really hot (not all that often in the UK although I can’t complain this year) or when I’m on holiday, I will usually opt for a gloss or a matte lip cream due to the fact that there’s no chance of them melting in my handbag. Collection’s Cream Puff in Fairy Cake is my favourite lip cream of the moment, it’s such a pretty coral shade – very apt for summer. If the weather isn’t too hot I will usually go for a bright lipstick, I’ve been wearing MAC’s Viva Glam Nicki a lot recently – a gorgeous flamingo pink.
So these are the products that I couldn’t be without during the summer! I love being nosy and reading about other people’s holy grail beauty products so do feel free to let me know yours too!