Tuesday, 6 August 2013

My MAC Blush Collection

I’ve noticed since starting this blog and writing about my makeup collection that most of my makeup is in fact by MAC. I’m not biased and I do own makeup by other brands, however I can’t lie – it is my favourite brand and this is simply due to the sheer variety of colours and finishes that they provide in all of their products. So, I own four blushers by MAC and each one serves its purpose for a certain time of year or makeup look that I may be going for, meaning that no matter what the occasion, one of these blushers will be just perfect for me. So here is my beloved collection by name and finish.

                 Fleur Power                                       Style                                        Peachtwist                                Dollymix            

Fleur Power. Satin – This is my most recently purchased blush and I have been wearing it pretty much none stop throughout spring and summer. It is my everyday pink blusher and I love the fresh faced look that it gives me. As I mentioned in my everyday makeup post I usually wear a peach or bronze blush (Style or Peachtwist to be exact) during the warmer months when I have a bit of colour to my skin, however this year Fleur Power has been my staple for everyday. I would describe the colour of this blush as a bright, warm rose. The satin finish makes the product look very natural on my face with very little sheen, almost matte but not quite. I love wearing this with a pink lip for everyday.
Style. Frost – As you can tell, this is my most worn blush! I absolutely love it for all year round as it adds a gorgeous healthy glow to my cheeks. MAC describe the colour as a ‘coral peach with gold pearl’ which I believe is the perfect description. The gold pearl is what adds that lovely glow which makes the product perfect for all seasons, I especially love wearing this in winter to add some warmth to my complexion as it’s just the right colour for me to be able to do so without it being too dark or bright for when my skin is paler. In my opinion Style is the perfect peach blush for a medium skin tone, however I do think it would also look beautiful on lighter skin if used more sparingly. On darker skin this peach may be too light to show up so in that case, Peachtwist could be a better option.
Peachtwist. Sheertone Shimmer – This is my perfect summertime blush, I love this for sunny holidays! I can only describe the colour of this product as a beautiful bronzed peach. You can definitely see the shimmer when looking at this blush in the pan, however it’s very finely milled and on the skin shows up as a gorgeous healthy tanned glow. I don’t always use a highlighter when I use this blush as I find that the shimmer adds enough of a glow to my face on its own. This is a lovely colour for medium to darker skin tones.
Dollymix. Sheertone Shimmer – MAC’s description of this colour is ‘pure candy pink’ and that’s exactly what Dollymix is! While this blush does look slightly scary in the pan, if applied with a light hand it adds a lovely flush of colour to the cheeks. However, if you feel like opting for a more intense pink cheek, this blush is most definitely buildable and as with Peachtwist, the shimmer adds a beautiful glow meaning you don’t need a highlighter unless you feel like going for an all out makeup look, in which case – go for it! This blush looks amazing either way. A perfect bright pink for all skin tones.
So those are the MAC blushers that I own, I love them so much. I definitely think blushers are underrated, the perfect colour can completely lift your complexion and bring a new lease of life to your face (slightly dramatic but so true!) I hope you enjoyed this post, feel free to let me know what your favourite blushers and underrated face products are too!