Friday, 2 August 2013

Feel Good Friday #3


I love the optimism induced by this quote. I really think that believing good things will happen to you makes you appreciate all the little things that happen throughout the day that you may not have taken notice of before. Being in an optimistic frame of mind and actively trying to see the positive in situations helps you to view the world in a way which allows you to see the wonderful things in your life.
So for instance, if you have a big decision to make – realise that it could be the start of an amazing new chapter in your life. If you’re starting a new job or school and are feeling nervous, think of all the things you’ll gain from the situation you’re in – new friends, a new perspective perhaps, new skills?! The next time you’re anxious about doing anything – realise that it’s completely normal to feel that way and make a mental note of what you will gain from that experience. Perhaps you will learn something new or maybe you just won’t feel as nervous the next time you’re in that situation, maybe you’ll even enjoy it!
Even the small things such as appreciating when people do something nice for you like holding a door open or smiling at you, do these things more often yourself and you’ll notice when others do them too! Taking the time to notice when you can see something positive in a situation eventually leads to an overall more optimistic mindset.
So there you have it, if you want to view life in a more optimistic way, start taking note of all the wonderful opportunities and people that come your way, starting today!