Friday, 28 March 2014

Review: Schwarzkopf got2b Beach Matt Mermaid Look Texturising Salt Spray

I love a texturising spray to give my hair a bit of body, so when I saw this beach matt salt spray by Schwarzkopf that happens to be advertised as having the ability to give you a ‘mermaid look’, well that was me sold – who doesn’t want hair like a mermaid right?! I know I certainly do!
The first time I used this was while my hair was still wet and with it being a salt spray, it made my hair do exactly what it does at the beach, that being it went extremely curly and big. While this isn’t a bad look it isn’t the one I tend to go for, I prefer a natural wave with some texture, so I decided to try this on my hair after it had air dried and that was the exact outcome that I received. My hair is naturally curly but when left to air dry without scrunching or using any product it ends up nice and wavy. I tend not to use mousse as it accentuates my curls but in not using any product I find my hair can be a bit fly away and well, slightly fluffy (if that makes sense?!). What I love about this spray is that it gives my hair texture and a bit of lift while not making it stiff at all as I’ve previously experienced with salt sprays.
So if you happen to be after some added texture or if you want to bring out your natural waves or curls, I would highly recommend this product. While I can’t guarantee you’ll look like a mermaid, I can safely say this will provide you with that ‘messy yet done’ bohemian look, perfect for spring and summer.