Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Review: Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser

A few weeks ago in my sampling the goods post I mentioned that I was on the hunt for some new skin care and the main item I was after was a cleanser, but not just any old cleanser – one that was aimed towards combination/oily skin but that did not over dry my face. Not a lot to ask for (you would think) however my search seemed to be endless, until I found this gentle foaming cleanser with tamarind and purifying micro-beads from Clarins. I must admit when I picked up a sample of this product I didn’t hold out much hope, foaming cleansers are usually too astringent on my skin but I thought I’d try it out anyway and I was very pleasantly surprised! So much so that after a week I went out and bought the full sized bottle which at £18 I consider to be fairly mid range on the skin care price scale.
I’ve been using this for just over a month now both on a morning and night and I love how it feels on my skin, it has a luxurious creamy consistency which lathers up a treat and the micro-beads are almost unnoticeable. After use my skin feels squeaky clean yet moisturised at the same time, I would highly recommend this cleanser for anybody with combination to oily skin especially if you find that cleansers aimed at this skin type are often too harsh. I’ve definitely noticed that my complexion is a lot more balanced than it was previously. The bottle is also fairly large considering you only need a pea sized amount of the product which is a bonus as it will last for ages. I can definitely see myself repurchasing this after it runs out!