Sunday, 30 March 2014

My Month In Pictures #7

Well, seeing as it has been over a month since my last ‘Week In Pictures’ I thought I had better change the title of this post! It’s been a busy few weeks filled with lots of fun – I caught up on girly time with my best friend Kate before I left the UK again, I arrived back to lovely sunshine (and a few thunder storms, bizarre!) in Dubai. I also enjoyed a sophisticated all you can eat and drink wine and cheese night with Gavin, which ended up not being quite so classy after we overindulged on the wine and decided to go clubbing afterwards – picture my horrendous dance moves being thrown about (needless to say in my drunken mind I was obviously Beyonce!)…don’t pretend you’ve never done it before! Gavin also treated me to a lovely couple of days away in Abu Dhabi for our birthday weekend, there are only five days between our birthdays so we have the added bonus of being able to celebrate together, which is always nice! We also celebrated the fact that it has been six years since our first date, ahh!
Drinking my spiced tea from Sri Lanka  //  Saw these in a university window, wonder which lesson they were for?!  //  I just wanna squeeze her!!!
Night out with my bestest before I left  //  I love a nice walk on a crisp day  //  The morning view from under my covers
I know I’m back in Dubai when laziness takes over and every meal is eaten out. Even breakfast, lazy bones!  //  Nothing like a walk along the beach to cure a hangover  //  Best buds
Birthday girl  //  Birthday cake from the Beach Rotana Abu Dhabi, yummy!  //  Wine and cheese night with the boy
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