Sunday, 9 February 2014

My Week In Pictures #6

This week has been another lovely one chilling with my family, I spent a couple of girly days out shopping with my mum, got a new piercing and had a lovely weekend with my cousin, her husband a their three month old baby boy who travelled from London to see me before I leave again for Dubai. All in all, a lovely week!
Absolute sugar fest  //  My MAC empties  //Bedtime selfie. Hate taking my makeup off before bed, it wakes me right up!!  //  Yogurt, muesli and blueberries for my breakfast.
The finished product  //  DIY falsies  //  Shopping trip with my mama ended up in leopard print heaven  //  My new tragus piercing
Actually love my new gloves so much  //  A bit of weekend shopping does the world of good for my mood  //  I’m with Ava on this one  //  Fishy Friday