Friday, 7 February 2014

Feel Good Friday #14

(I reblogged this pretty quote on my tumblr this week)
Okay, so not everything in life goes to plan. I think I’ve come to learn that’s all part of the fun. Mistakes are where events take you by surprise, sometimes you even catch yourself by surprise. Making mistakes is all part of learning who you are, how to cope with different situations, they teach you about life. Everybody makes them! How else do you learn if not through your own mistakes. So many people are so worried about doing something wrong that they don’t take a chance to begin with, parents worry about their children making mistakes and so try to mollycoddle them. Well I’m a firm believer that mistakes are a good thing, they teach you how to do better next time and as this week’s quote goes, if you’ve made a mistake, hey at least you’ve done something! You’re living your life and that is a sign of courage, so don’t despair when something doesn’t turn out quite as you had hoped, take whatever lesson is to be learned from that situation and move on knowing that you can use the experience to better yourself.