Wednesday, 5 February 2014

My MAC Empties - Back to MAC!

In case any of you lovelies aren’t filled in about MAC’s 'Back to MAC' programme, basically it’s a fantastic way of receiving something back for your money while being environmentally friendly. By returning six MAC packaging containers, you are entitled to a free lipstick of your choice (excluding Viva Glam lipsticks for which all proceeds go to the MAC aids fund) and MAC will dispose of said packaging in an ethical way. Pretty good eh?!
So here are my empty (ish – more on that later!) containers that I’m taking back tomorrow, but before I part with them I thought I would show you which products I’ve made my way through. First is my beloved Studio Fix Fluid Foundation in NC35, as you can see I have scraped the very last morsels of this product out of the jar and the time has come to remove the reusable pump, pop its original lid back on (I don’t think this is a necessity) and repurchase this baby. You can read my review of this foundation as well as how it compares to MAC’s Studio Sculpt Foundation here. All I will say is, it’s love!
 Next we have two eyeshadows. The one that is completely empty is Satin Taupe, which is such a beautiful and versatile colour, in some lighting it looks brownish grey on the lid while in others it has a purple tinge to it, I love this as it is smoky however still natural enough to wear all over the lid during the day. It’s also a lovely one to wear in the crease to add some depth to the eye. The other pot of eyeshadow you can see (the one with the lid closed) is Blackberry, this is a matte deep purple shade that my mum gave to me after it brought her out in a rash (she has extremely sensitive eyes). In a nutshell, I highly dislike this product as I found the colour payoff is terrible especially for such a dark shade. Usually MAC’s colour payoff is second to none and I highly rate their products for lasting ages, this one however has an extremely solid powder consistency and doesn’t adhere to a brush easily, so for that reason it’s bye bye Blackberry – you’re going back!
The red lipstick is Lady Bug and is nearly finished but not quite, so I’m going to empty the remains into a sample pot. This one is a sheer, deepish, yellow toned red and rather than swiping all over my lips I prefer to dab this product on lightly to create a natural healthy tint. The nude coloured lipstick is Myth and I bought this a few years back when ‘concealer lips’ were the in thing (why?!). Needless to say I don’t use this anymore but it did have its place in my heart at one time and is nearly all gone. As with Lady Bug I’m going to decant the rest of the product into a sample jar to use underneath other lipsticks to lighten them up a bit. I also like mixing this with a pink gloss to create a natural nude lip. Last up is the completely empty pink shade. This was my first MAC lipstick and indeed the first MAC product that I ever bought and I wore it on my first date with my boyfriend six years ago, yes – it’s been empty quite a while. This little beaut is Lovelorn and if it wasn’t so old I would have attempted to extract the remains of this as well (waste not, want not and all that!) It’s a pretty blue toned pink and is perfect for a pop of colour during the day.
This is my first lot of products that I’ve ever taken back to MAC, which is an ode to how bloomin’ long they last! I’ll be sure to share with you whichever lipstick it is that I end up choosing for my freebee, hmm decisions decisions!