Monday, 2 September 2013

Kate & Gavin's Travels - Ireland

Recently I went away to County Kerry in Ireland with my lovely boyfriend Gavin, who just so happens to be Irish (although he’s from Dublin, not Kerry). The scenery was beautiful and it was such a relaxing holiday, we went for long walks, we rented a boat and went fishing on Lough Currane, we got wet suits and went body boarding which was such a giggle, and on a night time we would walk up to the local town where we drank Guinness and ate amazing food to our hearts content!

On our drive to where we were staying we came across lots of rocks stacked on top of each other which Gav informed me where made by people who had travelled past that area as a mark that they had been there, which other travellers could add to. Here’s ours that we made, we broke the rules and made a whole one by ourselves the crazy rebels that we are haha.

Back at our holiday home after a meal and a couple of drinks in the local pub wearing our his and hers Arran jumpers - because we’re just that cool! (In all seriousness Gav’s gran lent me this jumper and I’d have been lost without it, it gets a bit windy up those mountains – who would have guessed!)

We have quite a few places on our ‘to go’ list and so I may just make a feature of ‘Kate & Gavin’s Travels’ – watch this space!