Saturday, 14 February 2015

Lilac Eyeshadow & Winged Eyeliner Makeup Tutorial

Recently I decided to ditch my go to neutral makeup look and try out something a little more daring. As a teenager I loved wearing purple eye shadows to emphasise my green eyes. However, as I’ve got older I’ve moved further and further into neutral territory. It’s safe, I’m comfy there…there isn’t much room to go wrong. But as the saying goes, you can stay within your comfort zone where not much new ever happens, or you can delve into unfamiliar territory and discover new and exiting things. For me (as sad as this sounds), my new and exiting thing is that I’ve started to wear bright eye shadows again, in particular this lilac one with a slightly deeper purple running through the crease. It has fast become my go to look, who would have thought?!
For those of you who are colour confident, or even if you’re a neutral lover like myself and fancy trying out something new, this tutorial takes you through my current favourite makeup look step by step. Enjoy.

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