Friday, 5 September 2014

I&K Clip In Hair Extensions - Review


Although I have naturally long hair, for special occasions such as nights out etc. (when I make an extra special effort) I like to add a bit more body and bounce to my hair in order to achieve a more glammed up look. Recently I’ve been wearing the *I&K Clip in Body Wave (a full set of wavy clip in hair extensions) and I’ve been loving them. The extensions are made from 100% human hair which I prefer to synthetic as it means I can style them as I please. They also come with an aftercare leaflet, which contains information on how to care for them properly; this is handy as a bit of maintenance really helps to prolong their life.

It may sound strange but I really like the clips on these extensions, they clip in easily and don’t start to pull on my natural hair throughout the night. This is a massive bonus for me as I’ve worn hair extensions before where the clips just aren’t up to scratch, these ones however do just the job and the extensions themselves aren’t too heavy on my head, making them extremely comfortable.
If you’d like to take a look at the exact extensions that I’m wearing you can do so here. do however have a lot of different lengths, colours and styles including various ombre colours which I must say I’m very tempted to try!

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