Friday, 19 July 2013

Feel Good Friday #1

Ahh what lovely weather we’ve been enjoying in the UK these past couple of weeks! It’s amazing how a little bit of sunshine can lift your whole mood. Today is the start of a new weekly feature on my blog called ‘Feel Good Friday’ – had you guessed?!
This feature is my way of sharing tips on staying happy and positive, because let’s face it – sometimes life can be downright stressful!
So this week my focus has been on taking pleasure in the little things in life. I believe that appreciating all the small things in life that make you smile and creating the time in which to do them as often as possible, is one of the many ways of staying positive and happy.
So here are some of the things that I enjoy doing when the weather is as lovely as it has been lately!
Have a picnic – Whether it be in a grassy park, the beach or in your back garden, put a blanket down and have a little feast of all your favourite summer nibbles – my favourite are sandwiches that are cut up into little triangles, these and a cold glass of fruit squash take me straight back to my childhood and instantly make me happy – see, simple things!
Get together with friends and family – Enjoy the warm weather with your loved ones. Have a daytime barbeque or an evening garden party and catch up with those closest to you!
Go for a walk in the sun – Get some exercise while enjoying the sun. This can be a great way of being at one with your thoughts if you’re alone, or of having a good old chin wag with a friend. Either way I always feel uplifted after a nice long walk.
Read a book – I love reading a book as a good old fashioned way of having some ‘me time’, all the technology at our disposal these days consumes so much of our time that it’s easy to forget about the simple ways of just chilling out. So when it’s hot outside, I’ll grab a book and relax in the sun
Wear your favourite summer clothes – Let’s face it, here in the UK us girls don’t get many opportunities to get our shorts and skirts on without freezing our bits off! So I have been taking full advantage of the recent weather and wearing my favourite brightly coloured clothes, my shocking pink summer dress that I bought in the Spring sales made its first appearance this week! Bright clothes = bright mood in my opinion!
So there you have it, the little things that give me great pleasure! What are the little things that make you smile?