Monday, 20 July 2015

Fit Life Tea 28 Day Organic Teatox Review

Recently I’ve been trying out the Fit Life Tea 28 Day Organic Teatox, a detox tea which when consumed twice a day and combined with a healthy diet and exercise claims to encourage fat burning, weight loss and digestive cleansing.
The pyramid bags are extremely pretty and you can see their ingredients inside, these include: organic hibiscus flower, organic elderflower, organic apple, organic rosehips and organic allspice. The tea has a sweet aroma and a fruity flavour, which makes it a hugely enjoyable addition to my daily routine. It also comes in a 14 day package which is still long enough to notice a difference in bloating etc.
The ‘after’ picture above shows me after 3 weeks of drinking the tea twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. I noticed a reduction in bloating within a couple of days of drinking the tea and although I haven’t lost weight (I’m not trying to), I’m pretty sure that if teamed up with a change in diet this tea would certainly help aid in fat loss.
You can also drink the tea cold, which I’ve found lovely and refreshing during the hot summer weather. I use their 24oz BPA Free Plastic Bottle when I’m out and about, it has a straw attached which is really handy for when I’m on the go.
As well as stocking the Organic Teatox among other blends, their website is very helpful in that it provides nutritional pointers, meals plans, healthy recipes and exercise tips. This is a great bonus if you’re looking to implement the tea into your diet as part of a healthy lifestyle change. I personally like to think that my diet is fairly healthy and I like to stay active, so for me the Teatox has been a great addition into my lifestyle and I look forward to trying some of Fit Life Tea’s other blends, I’m particularly interested in trying their Organic Sleepy Tea, that one is next on my list!
If you happen to be interested in trying any of their products, Fit Life Tea have provided me with a 10% discount that you can use on any of the products on the website, simply use the code 'KATESBEAUTY10' at the checkout.