Sunday, 7 December 2014

Dark Lip Haul & Tutorial

I do love a dark lip at this time of year, I just feel so festive with berry shades on my lips. However, this year I realised that all of my festive lipsticks were exactly that – berry shades with red undertones. I’ve been feeling a more plum vibe recently and none of my lipsticks were the correct shade for that sort of malarkey, so naturally an online shopping spree was in order.
I ordered Charlotte Tilbury’s Glaston-Berry which is a gorgeous deep plum shade, still with hints of red though; so I wasn’t straying too far from my comfort zone with this one. It’s very moisturising which is great as sometimes I find that dark lipsticks can be drying which can lead to unflattering chapped lips, which we all know is a lipstick’s worst enemy! I also like the fact that this can be either patted on with a light hand for a hint of colour, or layered up for an all out glamorous look. I find that this is a wearable colour for both daytime as well as nighttime occasions.
The other lipstick that I chose was MAC’s Cyber, this one is an extremely daring blackened plum shade. I can’t quite express how much I love it, I think I’ll wear this more so on an evening than during the day as it is such a bold colour. It’s a satin finish, so while the colour payoff is top notch, it’s not quite matte so is still moisturising on the lips.
I chose MAC’s Nightmoth lip liner to wear underneath both of these shades, it is a deep aubergine  colour which matches Cyber perfectly. I also like to wear it underneath Glaston-Berry, however it does make this shade appear slightly more purple; so I also like to wear Glaston-Berry by itself to enjoy the best of both worlds.