Monday, 3 November 2014

American Apparel 'Violet Panache'

I’ve been the happy owner of this polish for a while now and I must admit, it’s one of my absolute favourite nail colours for Autumn/Winter. There’s just something so festive about purple, glitter and metallic shades to me and this nail polish embodies all three. Now don’t worry, I’m trying my best not to get ahead of myself; I’m well aware that it’s a while yet until Christmas.
This colour has a vibrant metallic blue/purple base with the tiniest flecks of violet glitter in it. It’s definitely one of those shades that has you looking at your nails every five minutes in sheer appreciation of being a woman. Not that nail polish is solely reserved for we ladies of course, but you know; I don’t see many men walking around with kick ass violet glitter nails. Do you? Though in my humble opinion, I think everyone could do with a bit of this violet loveliness in their lives.
Okay, weird tangent over. If you happen to be after a pretty colour to brighten up the colder months, look no further! Violet Panache is your nails’ perfect purple pick me up.